The Challenge

The challenge was, we had just enough cash for 3 months… so we had no other choice but to do whatever it took to produce results..

We specialise in mentoring CEOs of B2B businesses, we help them to develop systems to grow profit in 90 days or less without spending more on advertising or working longer hours.

So, how do we deliver on this bold promise?

We use the power of technology and the power of exponential growth, where we make little changes across high-impact areas that have a historic track record of containing the breakthroughs.

Unfortunately, most business owners struggle to run profitable businesses, they often end up working long hours, working hard to increase the revenue but overlook the profit. They pay everyone else and are the last to get paid. They frequently miss some low-hanging pockets of profit.

Bottom line, we help you grow faster, keep more profit and work fewer hours.

Our clients are CEOs, founders, and business owners running established businesses.

We don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach, we create a custom plan that’s based on my client’s individual needs after a detailed audit.

In the last decade, I had the opportunity to work with hundreds of incredible entrepreneurs across Europe, Asia, North & Central America, having assisted several of them in generating millions of dollars in sales, I realized there are THREE core areas of struggle:

1. The System – what are the EXACT steps to build a profitable campaign

2. The Message – how to have a clear brand message to be irresistible to your dream client

3. The Marketing – how to go from being invisible to being seen as the authority in your industry

To solve these problems, we guide our clients through 5 ones, If you’ve ever thought this HAS to be simpler, then you’re right. How about?

* ONE Dream Client

* ONE Problem

* ONE Offer

* ONE Sales Mechanism

* ONE Traffic

So what makes me different?

For one, we generate results for our clients, please check our testimonials and case studies section

Marcin (from Poland), Mari (from Maldives) we met up in London while studying. After graduation, being disappointed with the first working experience, we took a leap of faith. We both love traveling, salsa dancing, tasting exotic cuisines and getting to know incredible people with amazing life stories.

The Life-Changing Decision

Using the last space on our credit cards, we made a life changing decision. On the 23rd of July 2009, we bought flight tickets (anniversary of our engagement = commitment) and on September 19th 2009 we left London for Maldives, our first destination (anniversary of our wedding = new beginning). It still brings a smile on our faces, as the dates were completely not planned at all. It only hit us couple of months later.

What Was The Challenge?

We landed in the Maldives found an apartment in Hulhumale’ Island, connected the internet and started our journey… The challenge was, we had just enough cash for 3 months… so we had no choice but do whatever it took to earn our way up. In the beginning, we had loads of bumps, bruises, and feelings of uncertainty. But we kept on going, kept on pushing, kept on improving our skills, sought mentors and stayed committed to our dreams.

Team and Our Business

We love the leverage internet gives but than just sitting in front of computer, we love people, getting together, masterminding, building friendships. The journey continues and every day is another opportunity to grow.

Professional Accomplishments

Marcin is a business growth specialist, co-founder of Digital Xelerator, international speaker, online business mentor, life-long entrepreneur. He is also the creator of “6 Figure Follow Up Formula”, “Follow Up Fortune” and “30 Day Conversion Challenge”. Born and raised in Poland, for the last decade, Marcin has been working across Europe, Asia and Central America with health, online marketing and educational business start-ups. He assisted in setting up online marketing businesses that generated millions of dollars in sales. Marcin’s passion is to empower and equip entrepreneurs to improve results through automated and highly converting systems. Marcin is also an international business trainer, mentor and a speaker. He trained entrepreneurs his conversion strategies in Jamaica, Bali, London, Las Vegas, Costa Rica and Mexico.