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I’m grateful to Marcin, he helped me to create and execute a business strategy and a client execution strategy. So with him we put together a business plan that allowed me to create products and then make it available to clients. I won contracts worth €200,000 so far, and he has helped to build this vision for future. 


Founder of FIT4Privacy

Our work with Marcin has been exactly what we needed—not only becoming laser-focused on what challenges we solve and who are our key clients, but also deciphering the most effective ways to reach and garner those key clients.  Marcin was everything we were looking for in a coach- knowledgeable, experienced.

Jason Dorland

Olympian, Author, Coach, Founder of Yourmindset

Working with Marcin was amazing, because he showed me how to build a machine around me.  He kept saying it’s already in your hands.  He organised me and systemised me.  I’ve got courses and digital products… I’ve gone from 0 to £100k in my first year with my digital business.


Kemkaran Consulting Ltd

I count it my good fortune to work with Marcin.In the time I’ve worked with Marcin, he has been instrumental in me getting clear about the programs and value I bring to my clients. His guidance has definitely addressed one of the areas in my business that needed help. I enthusiastically recommend his services.

Devon Harris

3x Olympian

When I first hired Marcin, I didn’t have clarity around my ideal client and how I can best serve them with my unique expertise.I hired Marcin first as a coach 1 on 1 and then moved into his group coaching program and he has been an Excellent Marketing and Entrepreneurial Mentor and Coach.

Clinton A. Young

International Keynote Speaker

Being part of the Marcin’s course was a game changer for me, His insight and knowledge throughout the sessions was very valuable. He addresses every question with true Care and Honesty. His guidance and feedback to the point and as a True coach always pushing you beyond your comfort zone.

Zeca Marques

UEFA PRO Football coach

Marcin has assisted me in going from absolutely zero to getting my own business up.Within my first roll-out to paying customers, I had almost 800% return! A new world has opened to me, one I never thought possible, and I want to thank Marcin for that from the bottom of my heart!


Founder of Crown Method

Marcin helped me start an online course business. He guided me in refining my message and helped me troubleshoot along the way. Regular coaching and guidance made all the difference. I valued his expertise and encouragement.

Mandi Hart

Author | Mentor | Parent Coach

We could not understand why a marketing ‘competitor’ we had recently worked with, was strongly recommending Marcin, with the view to take our business to the next level, within very short time; it soon became very clear! Being introduced to Marcin was the best thing that happened to us.

Gary Napier

Founder of The Gap Enterprises

I worked with Marcin for over a year . Once I had “filled in all the gaps”, Marcin helped me create a sustainable strategy moving forward. His knowledge of all things Digital Marketing is amazing. From high level strategy to the detail of things such as Facebook ads, Marcin is your man.

Derek Armson

SEO Expert

Marcin is an amazing coach & mentor. He has tremendous expertise in field of online marketing.He is prepared to help with most nitty-gritty aspects of the business. I have been impressed by his caring attitude, his profound understanding of the client market.


Coach | Author | Teacher

Marcin is hands down the most caring, compassionate and thoughtful coach I have worked with. Marcin’s great expertise comes from his deep understanding and intelligence for online marketing. And I should emphasise THE RESULTS HE GETS WITH HIS CLIENTS ARE NEXT LEVEL!


Success Coach

I would like to recommend Marcin for being the best coach that I have ever had. He perfectly guidrd me through the process of setting up my own digital marketing agency, so that at the age of 17 I am able to earn a lot of money by helping entrepreneurs in social media! Thanks for everything Marcin 💪

Mikolaj Ulikowski

Marketing w Mikołaj Ulikowski

Marcin has been an Amazing Mentor and Coach to me I am The Founder of Fifonow Coaching and I am Mind to Body Transformation Coach. Under Marcin’s Mentoring we have taken Our Business from a handful of 1:1 clients to 600 Leads in 3 months. I am so grateful for Marcin’s Mentoring.

Fiona Burdett

Mind & Body Transform Coach

Marcin is one of the business world’s truly great online marketing strategists. He is an expert in mentoring people and was instrumental in transforming my ordinary business approach from passive to highly effective and profitable.I highly recommend Marcin for everyone.

Tania Fourie

Property Consultant

Marcin is a wealth of knowledge and I love working with him. On many occasions Marcin has helped me with some great ideas on my business when I felt stuck in certain areas. His approach is simple, systematic, and always focused on results. I would highly recommend Marcin.

Jason Osborn

Speaker | Trainer | Podcast

Marcin is an Awesome coach – he really “got” me and inspired me to dig deep to clarify my Vision.I am passionate about my work but really appreciate the input & guidance of marketing experts like Marcin. He can not only see the big picture but also has all the technical expertise to make the magic happen!

Cathy Carstens


Marcin is very passionate about coaching and helping people. I have benefited tremendously when I started my journey into Facebook Marketing many years ago. His strategic and systematic approach has made it very easy for me to follow and adopt into my business. I would strongly recommend Marcin

Francis Lum

Content Marketing Strategist

Marcin is an amazing mentor and coach! He is dedicated to his clients’ success and has a unique way of simplifying the steps needed to achieve incredible results. He is passionate about his work and wonderful to work with. I highly recommend working with him!


Helping Business Leaders

Working with Marcin had completely reset my mindset, from someone who learns and contemplates things to someone who does things, gets results and leads others. Taking action is known to bring results, and Marcin has the skill and personal charisma to make the change instantaneous.

Dmitry Badiarov

Violin Maker | Mentor

Marcin is an absolute expert in his field and has hugely helped our social media effectiveness, through his incredible knowledge on the subject. A fantastic person to work with, he delivers excellent customer care and assists at every stage of the implementation process. I highly recommend him.

James Price

Football Consultation

Marcin is a Passionate and knowledgeable Leader and Coach and knows how to produce Results with his students.Can Highly Recommend his service.

Christoph Hoelzl

Interim Mgmt | H.R

Marcin is an authority in his field. He easily gets to the core of any issue whilst delivering easy to understand solutions. His guidance and suggestions with a Facebook campaign led to a 100% growth of our contacts. This and has given us a great jump start. I highly recommend his services.


National Sales Manager

“Been really impressed with Marcin’s mentoring. Way over and above what was expected. Happy to recommend him to anyone needing direction, support and guidance.”

Alan Myson

Life Coach

My point being is, if a chef on a cruise liner, especially when being on a cruise ship the internet connection is not really great at all, I’ve been able to run my business from the middle of the ocean. And how did I manage to do that? This is one of the tricks that Marcin has taught me.He’s a great mentor.

Roland Sargunan

Marcin is an incredible mentor and coach. He is highly skilled at understanding what a business needs.He challenges me personally to clarify my vision and stay focused on the things that will make my business successful. I feel like I grow exponentially every time I have a session with him.

Jackie Glassock

Financial advisor | wealth coach

I spent an awful lot of time on facebook & I realized , I should figure out a way to make money.There’s a gentleman named Marcin, he was just an amazing as a trainer this week I’ve learned an awful lot & I will be putting together a couple of campaigns with some people to market some online events.

Jon Roberts

Online Entrepreneur

I’ve been working with Marcin now for a little over a year, and he’s just taught me so much in the past year, plus. Basically, my best day was $8,800. But really what Marcin has helped me to do is to really live the life that I want to live.I’m just living the life I want and the life I desire and deserve. So thank you, Marcin.

Harris Vertlieb

I’ve been fortunate and privileged enough to actually see him rock the stage on two separate sessions onFacebook, mindset and business. Let me tell you something about Marcin, he is an incredibly heart center entrepreneur.He has terrifically built his own community.

Ian Billingham

Video Marketing Expert

If you get a chance to work with Marcin you’re in great hands.Marcin is really good at taking resources that are available to you in a system.He will do those exact same things with you showing you how to turn what might overwhelm individuals into actionable items.

Joe Kennedy

Entrepreneur | Master Coach

We have learned the most, we’ve got the most value out of listening to Marcin and his wife Mari. I’m telling you right now you have to get to one of these events where they are at because the content that you’re going to get is so valuable. I mean, it’s worth more than what we pay.

Paul Gibat

Online Entrepreneur

I had an opportunity to learn from Marcin and Marcin is an extremely well knowledgeable mentor.The knowledge he came up with is unbelievable, the strategies on facebook that he came up with and he’s using to generate his revenue,I will use those strategies.

Filipe Gonçalves

Business| Coach| Entrepreneur

Honestly speaking, after learning this skill and apply in my business, my best day in this business is about $30,000 U.S. To be honest, without his teaching, his guidance, his mentorship, I wouldn’t have got this kind of tremendous result.I strongly recommend you right now to get in touch with him.

Tiffany Ngu

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